Arena Biscotti,
fine typical sicilian biscuits and more…. since 1880.

Our company was founded in the late 1800 by our ancestor, a nun, which began to make  excellent “S shaped” biscuits or “Biscotti della Monaca”  flavoured with aniseed.

At that time the cookies and the sweets were generally produced in monasteries.

The ‘Nzuddi, for example, literal traslation of “Vincenzi” are fragrant biscuits with orange peel and decorated with almond above, so called because they were made by the Vincentian sisters.

Our ancestor, as mentioned, fonde a small company which over the time became a veritable insitution in Catania in the production of typical biscuits.

Unique and inimitable “ESSE” biscuits have accompanied Catania people since the early age.

These cookies were reduced to powder and added to milk, forming a delicious “pappa” suitable for chidren.

The properties of the ingredients, no preservatives, prolonged cooking, use of natural yeast make them particularly digestible and suitable for anyone willing to eat biscuits fragrant crispy.

The “Esse” biscuit is strictly tied as a binomial to Catania history.

The secret and ancient receipes, respecting tradition, still run with the same unwavering passion for a long time.
Genuine cookies and cakes as once are sold in our historical shop, located in Via Mancini, really close to Piazza Università, in the hearth of Baroque.
Realized in perfect sicilian style, with original hand painted tiles one by one.

You can find, in addition to traditional cookies, sicilian citrus marmalades, including one with red oranges, orange blossom Etna honey, Torroncini, Martorana fruits,Almond Paste and Pistachios, Liqueurs and Malvasia, well done and prestigious gift packages, holiday sweets beginning with the famous Olivette, small fruit-shaped marzipan olives produced in honor of the patron Saint Agatha of Catania, continuing with the Easter cakes Aceddi cu l’ovu, cookie that contains a basket of chicken egg, the Rame di Napoli, biscuits of the Dead feast and ending with the Christmas cakes, il Buccellato, Christmas cake filled with dried figs and flavored with Marsala wine.

There’s something for all tastes, rediscovering the sicilian traditions.